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......@@ -4,9 +4,15 @@ Creates fully functional GCP based OSDU installation.
[Simple OSDU installation guide](examples/simple_osdu/
## OSDU Deployment Framework Status(19.10.2021)
## OSDU Deployment Framework Status (15.02.2022)
`Disclaimer`: At current state the most stable installation source is master branch. After all services will be migrated to GKE and added to Terraform, there will be release of Deployment Framework and recomended way of installing will be installing release version of the product.
Latest stable development version is avaliable from master branch. However, recommended way of installing is using latest release version, which is currently `0.13`.
To install and use released `0.13` version of Deployment Framework clone release branch:
`git clone --single-branch --branch release/0.13`
And follow installation steps at:
- [Simple OSDU installation guide](examples/simple_osdu/
- [Deeply-Customizable OSDU installation guide](examples/osdu/
### Services currently added to the Deplyment Framework
......@@ -43,6 +49,7 @@ Creates fully functional GCP based OSDU installation.
* **Cloud Tasks**
* **Cryptographic keys**
* **Service Accounts**
* **Cloud Datastore**
Terraform installs services via `resource "helm_release"` , if needed this charts could be downloaded locally from `repository` parameter of `helm_release`. All terraform service files located at [directory](modules/osdu). Or it's easy to `grep` on repository for files with `helm_release` word.
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