There is a security vulnerability in SSH key-generation using GitKraken < v8.0.1. If you used this tool to create SSH keys, please update GitKraken and regenerate. If you need help with this, contact

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Merge branch 'release/0.11' of...

Merge branch 'release/0.11' of into release/0.11
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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ UNIQUE="<your_osdu_unique>" # ie: demo
AZURE_DNS_NAME="<your_osdu_fqdn>" # ie: osdu-$
DATA_PARTITION="<your_partition>" # ie:opendes
ACR_REGISTRY="<repository>" # ie:
TAG="<app_version>" # ie: 0.11.0
TAG="<app_version>" # ie: 0.12.0
# This logs your local Azure CLI in using the configured service principal.
az login --service-principal -u $ARM_CLIENT_ID -p $ARM_CLIENT_SECRET --tenant $ARM_TENANT_ID
......@@ -21,15 +21,15 @@ ENV_VAULT=$(az keyvault list --resource-group $GROUP --query [].name -otsv)
cat > .env << EOF
AZURE_TENANT_ID=$(az keyvault secret show --id https://${ENV_VAULT} --query value -otsv)
AZURE_AD_APP_RESOURCE_ID=$(az keyvault secret show --id https://${ENV_VAULT} --query value -otsv)
AZURE_CLIENT_ID=$(az keyvault secret show --id https://${ENV_VAULT} --query value -otsv)
AZURE_CLIENT_SECRET=$(az keyvault secret show --id https://${ENV_VAULT} --query value -otsv)
# Execute container to load the schema's
docker run --env-file .env $ACR_REGISTRY/schema-load:$TAG
docker run --env-file .env $ACR_REGISTRY/schema-data-init:$TAG
## Policy Data Loading
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