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......@@ -140,6 +140,20 @@ helm template osdu-flux ${INFRA_SRC}/charts/osdu-istio-auth -f ${INFRA_SRC}/char
&& git push origin $UNIQUE)
# Extract manifests from the airflow charts.
pip3 install -U PyYAML
helm template airflow ${INFRA_SRC}/charts/airflow -f ${INFRA_SRC}/charts/config.yaml | python3 ${INFRA_SRC}/charts/airflow/scripts/ > ${FLUX_SRC}/providers/azure/hld-registry/airflow.yaml
# Commit and Checkin to Deploy
(cd $FLUX_SRC \
&& git switch $UNIQUE \
&& git add ${FLUX_SRC}/providers/azure/hld-registry/airflow.yaml \
&& git commit -m "Initialize Airflow Chart" \
&& git push origin $UNIQUE)
# Extract manifests from each service chart.
for SERVICE in partition entitlements-azure legal storage indexer-queue indexer-service search-service;
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