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......@@ -241,6 +241,8 @@ The scripts to be used in this stage can be referred from this [**section**](#bu
- The path for dockerfiles and scripts can be set using `AZURE_DEPLOYMENTS_SCRIPTS_SUBDIR` variable
- The output dag folder is copied from the docker container to the pipeline job agent VM, hence this variable `AZURE_OUTPUT_DAG_FOLDER`
should be set with the output_dag folder path as value
- In case any new environment variables are required for the DAG the ``before_script`` section of the pipeline can be overridden to
add new additional environment variables, the environment variables are set by creating an .env file
......@@ -258,8 +260,6 @@ will be inherited after the yml import from the project ``osdu/platform/ci-cd-pi
Please refer to [**link**](#copy-dag-stage) to get an overview of this stage
**Environment Variables required for this Stage**
- airflow-storage-key - Airflow Storage Account key
- airflow-storage - Airflow Storage Account Name
- AZURE_DEPLOY_PACKAGED_DAG - Enabling/disabling of packaged dags
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