Commit 7b4b8f4f authored by Daniel Scholl's avatar Daniel Scholl
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......@@ -29,11 +29,12 @@ steps:
#!/usr/bin/env bash
cd $(Build.SourcesDirectory)/$(Build.Repository.Name)
echo "Making a Directory... --> $CHART_PATH/$GENERATION_PATH"
cat $(Build.SourcesDirectory)/$(Build.Repository.Name)/${{parameters.chartPath}}/values.yaml
# echo "Creating Helm Values File"
# envsubst < $VALUES_FILE > $CHART_PATH/values.yml
ls -l $(Build.SourcesDirectory)/$(Build.Repository.Name)
echo "Extracting Manifest"
helm template $SERVICE_NAME $CHART_PATH -f $(Build.SourcesDirectory)/$(Build.Repository.Name)/${{parameters.chartPath}}/values.yaml --output-dir $CHART_PATH/$GENERATION_PATH
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