1. 05 Jan, 2022 2 commits
  2. 04 Jan, 2022 9 commits
  3. 03 Jan, 2022 8 commits
  4. 02 Jan, 2022 6 commits
    • Jarek Potiuk's avatar
      Generate constraints in PRs when upgrading dependencies (#20624) · f668fa7a
      Jarek Potiuk authored
      The constraints generation was only happening in push/scheduled
      runs, but sometimes it is useful to check what constraints would
      be generated even in the PRs that change setup.py/setup.cfg
      The change causes constraint generation also in the PRs and only
      pushing the updated constraints is not executed in PRs.
    • Jarek Potiuk's avatar
      Fix flaky sensor test (#20617) · e877e7a1
      Jarek Potiuk authored
      The test on a busy system could be flaky - the second call
      could have not fired.
      But this is perfectly ok as we only check the first call which will
      always happen.
    • Kamil Breguła's avatar
      Update pre-commit hooks (#20623) · 9265ba34
      Kamil Breguła authored
    • Jarek Potiuk's avatar
      Fix generation of "Status provider" issue (#20621) · d823cf74
      Jarek Potiuk authored
      The script for generating issue for "Provider status" and release
      process did not work well when only subset of providers were released.
      The issue was generated including some already released packages
      even if they were not released in recent batch of providers (if there
      was not even a doc change since last release, the package was considered
      as being released again).
      This PR fixes it by adding a flag that only considers packages that
      are present in dist folder (which matches the process of release
      The process has also been updated with more accurate description of
      the steps to take - including manual execution of the script rather
      than using Breeze (Breeze is not neede for this script).
    • Jarek Potiuk's avatar
      Fix empty excludes in selective checks (#20622) · 567228ed
      Jarek Potiuk authored
      After removing Python 3.6, some of the excludes have been
      empty - which caused error when evaluating combinations to run
      im main or when FULL_TESTS were needed.
      This PR brings sane excludes
    • Jarek Potiuk's avatar
      Add twine check for provider packages (#20619) · f011f66f
      Jarek Potiuk authored
      Twine (which we use to upload packages to PyPI) has the
      ability to run checks of packages before uploading them.
      This allows to detect cases like when we are using forbidden
      directives in README.rst (which delayed slightly preparing the
      December 2021 provider packages and resulted in #20614
      With this PR Twine check will be run for all packages in CI
      before we even attempt to merge such change that could break
  5. 01 Jan, 2022 3 commits
    • Jarek Potiuk's avatar
      Fix flaky dask executor test (#20620) · 5eccb536
      Jarek Potiuk authored
      The dask_executor test was failing occasionally on busy systems
      and seems that it was caused by being throttled by other tests.
      The 30 seconds timeout in the test seems to be too short. Changed
      it to 120 seconds by default (it's just a timeout so it does
      not really impact speed of execution of the tests but it gives
      the test extra time to complete in case it is throttled.
      Timeout was added to assert method so that we can control it
      individually in different tests.
    • Kanthi's avatar
      Fix mypy apache beam operators (#20610) · a71332eb
      Kanthi authored
    • Sonins's avatar
      Fix chart elasticsearch default port 80 to 9200. (#20616) · 0067d274
      Sonins authored
      * Elasticsearch uses rather 9200 than 80 as default.
  6. 31 Dec, 2021 12 commits