Commit f0e6627f authored by Siarhei Khaletski (EPAM)'s avatar Siarhei Khaletski (EPAM) 🚩
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Merge branch 'haaggarw/data-partition' into 'master'

Added support for handling data-partition-id (e.g. CSV parser uses)

See merge request !5
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......@@ -109,7 +109,13 @@ class UpdateStatusOperator(BaseOperator):
if "Payload" in execution_context:
payload_context = Context.populate(execution_context)
payload_context = Context(data_partition_id=execution_context["data-partition-id"],
data_partition_id = execution_context["data-partition-id"]
except KeyError:
# to support some DAGs execution_context interface
data_partition_id = execution_context['dataPartitionId']
payload_context = Context(data_partition_id=data_partition_id,
app_key=execution_context.get("AppKey", ""))
workflow_name = conf["workflow_name"]
run_id = conf["run_id"]
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