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GONRG-4042 Can't Get Workflow Status

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......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ public class AirflowV2WorkflowEngineServiceImpl implements IWorkflowEngineServic"getting status of WorkflowRun of Workflow {} executed on {}", rq.getWorkflowName(),
final String executionDate = executionDate(rq.getExecutionTimeStamp());
String url = format(AIRFLOW_RUN_ENDPOINT_STABLE, rq.getWorkflowName(), rq.getRunId());
String url = format(AIRFLOW_RUN_ENDPOINT_STABLE, rq.getDagName(), rq.getRunId());
final String errMsg = String.format(AIRFLOW_WORKFLOW_RUN_NOT_FOUND, rq.getWorkflowName(), executionDate);
final ClientResponse response = callAirflow(
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