Commit b7379f1a authored by Aalekh Jain's avatar Aalekh Jain
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Removed system workflow related APIs from ``

parent 2a214b17
......@@ -36,17 +36,6 @@ public class WorkflowManagerApi {
return workflowManagerService.createWorkflow(request);
* API to create a system workflow.
* @param request Request object which has information to create workflow.
* @return Workflow metadata.
public WorkflowMetadata createSystemWorkflow(@RequestBody final CreateWorkflowRequest request) {
return workflowManagerService.createSystemWorkflow(request);
* Returns workflow metadata based on workflowName
* @param workflowName Name of the workflow for which metadata should be retrieved.
......@@ -69,17 +58,6 @@ public class WorkflowManagerApi {
* Deletes system workflow by workflowName
* @param workflowName Name of the workflow which needs to be deleted.
public void deleteSystemWorkflowById(@PathVariable("workflow_name") final String workflowName) {
* Get List all the workflows for the tenant.
* @param prefix Filter workflow names which start with the full prefix specified.
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