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......@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@ public class WorkflowManagerServiceImpl implements IWorkflowManagerService {
return createWorkflowCommon(request, true);
// The same logic is also used in WorkflowRunServiceImpl
// hence WorkflowRunServiceImpl needs to be changed as well in case the below logic changes
public WorkflowMetadata getWorkflowByName(final String workflowName) {
try {
......@@ -193,6 +193,8 @@ public class WorkflowRunServiceImpl implements IWorkflowRunService {
return false;
// The below code is borrowed from WorkflowManagerServiceImpl
// Can't directly consume WorkflowManagerServiceImpl here as it will lead to cyclic dependency
private WorkflowMetadata getWorkflowByName(String workflowName) {
try {
return workflowMetadataRepository.getWorkflow(workflowName);
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