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removing Cosmo client hardcoding initialisation

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......@@ -30,26 +30,9 @@ public class AzureBootstrapConfig {
private String keyVaultURL;
private String partitionId;
public String keyVaultURL() {
return keyVaultURL;
/*This is done to support Single partition support for slb. Once implementation is complete for multi-partition we can remove this method */
public CosmosClient buildCosmosClient(SecretClient kv) {
final String partitionId = getPartitionId();
final String cosmosEndpoint = KeyVaultFacade.getSecretWithValidation(kv, String.format("%s-cosmos-endpoint", partitionId));
final String cosmosPrimaryKey = KeyVaultFacade.getSecretWithValidation(kv, String.format("%s-cosmos-primary-key", partitionId));
return new CosmosClientBuilder().endpoint(cosmosEndpoint).key(cosmosPrimaryKey).buildClient();
public String getPartitionId() {
return this.partitionId;
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