Commit d5932972 authored by Mayank Saggar [Microsoft]'s avatar Mayank Saggar [Microsoft]
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Pipeline.yml for mvp env fixed and working

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......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ stages:
chartPath: ${{ variables.chartPath }}
valuesFile: ${{ variables.valuesFile }}
testCoreMavenPomFile: 'testing/ingest-test-core/pom.xml'
testCoreMavenOptions: '--settings $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/drop/deploy/testing/maven/settings.xml -Dmaven.repo.local=$(MAVEN_CACHE_FOLDER)'
testCoreMavenOptions: '--settings $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/drop/.mvn/community-maven.settings.xml -Dmaven.repo.local=$(MAVEN_CACHE_FOLDER)'
skipDeploy: ${{ variables.SKIP_DEPLOY }}
skipTest: ${{ variables.SKIP_TESTS }}
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