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This repo is for PMC related items and the CVX Demo codebase. The primary working site can be found here:
# OSDU Project Information
## Scope
Services and orhestration that allow:
- [ ] Data Manager(person)-driven configuration enabling a full OSDU implementation to connect to other (“external”) OSDU-compliant endpoints, fetch metadata (master and work product component data) and ingest them while leaving files/bulk data stored at their source for delivery on demand
- [ ] Seamless delivery of files or other bulk data stored at the external source using the native OSDU Delivery service
- [ ] Supporting documentation
## Definition of Done
- [ ] Code is complete and adheres to architectural principles [Schemas, Scheduler DAG, Fetch DAG, Ingest DAG, Delivery DAG]
- [ ] Unit tests pass
- [ ] Code has CI/CD pipelines to all of the CSPs in scope
- [ ] Integration tests pass
- [ ] Documentation is complete [certification, user, supplier engagement guides]
## Use Cases
Wiki (in process of update and migration)
<a href="" target="new">EDS Wiki (primary working site</a>
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