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53721eb9 removed everything from GenManifest folder
a990880b clean up + unit test on manifest entities creation
cdb68978 Prepared tests & update readme
056cb264 about to take care of latest version match
ab49899d updated latest version match for dataset ref of wpc & wp
bce8d81d comment on top of latest version function
c473dda3 Removed versioned_id !
276e6fa9 Moving unit test for docker integration with CI
765e5a09 move tests
0a9e65ac Fix for double colon
9b5120b4 Fixed double create srn
22fe2269 moving drafts scripts
f67c6754 comment on top of latest version function
105fea60 moved
9c8c23ef after pull
13891947 Merge branch '53-code-cleanup' of...
fa4d27b0 after pull
a5444e63 onto
40767b42 clean up and CI deploy
205ce091 SEtup seems right, how about CI/CD ? - resqml to remove...
582e0b20 Time to clean - resqml huge file !
57f33744 mv setup at root
9f36f407 Starting doc for Mapping data
234f9f76 After pull
effa0a21 Removing Resqml
ef40f29a CI after cleaning
e8b54d02 linting/typo corrections
b6b2cf2e update requirements
059d9a61 update requirements
a2a88a86 update requirements
d16e2864 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/53-code-cleanup' into 53-code-cleanup
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002b7354 Merge branch 'master' of...
73845c9d Merge branch 'master' into '53-code-cleanup'
6c524045 master ci
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