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GONRG-3107: Change backward compatibility

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......@@ -243,6 +243,17 @@ DAG's tasks:
1. *process_single_manifest_file_task* prepare every entity to be stored on Storage sevice and store it.
1. *update_status_finished_task* requires *workflowID* to change a workflow state from *running* to either *finished* or *failed*. If any previous task is failed, the DAG is marked as failed and the status *failed* is sent to the Workflow Service, otherwise the DAG is marked as successful and the status *finished* is sent to the Workflow Service.
#### Requirements
The [Airflow DAG](/airflow/workflow-svc-v2/ has dependencies from [osdu-airflow-lib]( package for common operators and backward compatibility.
Install it in Airflow Environment:
pip install 'osdu-airflow' --extra-index-url=
## Prerequisites
WITSML Parser requires the following packages:
......@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@ from datetime import timedelta
import airflow
import yaml
from airflow import DAG
from osdu_manifest.libs.airflow.backward_compatibility.default_args import update_default_args
from airflow.contrib.operators.kubernetes_pod_operator import KubernetesPodOperator
from osdu_airflow.backward_compatibility.default_args import update_default_args
from osdu_manifest.operators.ensure_manifest_integrity import EnsureManifestIntegrityOperator
from osdu_manifest.operators.process_manifest_r3 import ProcessManifestOperatorR3
from osdu_manifest.operators.validate_manifest_schema import ValidateManifestSchemaOperator
# It needs to be installed in Airflow Environment
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