Commit e8c937b1 authored by Oleksandr Kosse (EPAM)'s avatar Oleksandr Kosse (EPAM)
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Merge branch 'Change-target-to-airflow2' into 'master'

Changed target to airflow2 bucket

See merge request osdu/platform/data-flow/ingestion/energistics-osdu-integration!30
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......@@ -112,9 +112,9 @@ osdu_gcp_dags_rsync:
- pushd "$SRCDIR"
- ls
- echo *******
- gsutil -m rsync -d -R dags/"$VENDOR_NAME"/ "$OSDU_GCP_DEPL_TARGET"/dags/"$VENDOR_NAME"
- gsutil -m rsync -d -R dags/"$VENDOR_NAME"/ "$OSDU_GCP_DEPL_TARGET_V2"/dags/"$VENDOR_NAME"
- popd
- gsutil cp devops/osdu-gcp/airflow_configs.yaml "$OSDU_GCP_DEPL_TARGET"/dags/configs/
- gsutil cp devops/osdu-gcp/airflow_configs.yaml "$OSDU_GCP_DEPL_TARGET_V2"/dags/configs/
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