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update RelationshipBlockHandler

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......@@ -350,8 +350,8 @@ public class RelationshipBlockHandler {
String rawRecordId = rawRecordTree.get(RelationshipConstants.ID).asString();
String rawRecordVersion = rawRecordTree.get("version").asString();
Kind rawKind = new Kind(rawRecordTree.get("kind").asString());
// For wks kind targetSchemaAuthority should be used but due to current limitation be have to use raw record authority
Kind wksKind = new Kind(rawKind.getAuthority(), Constants.WKS_KIND, rawKind.getEntityType(), "*");
String targetSchemaAuthority = targetSchemaKindValue.substring(0, targetSchemaKindValue.indexOf(Constants.COLON_SEPARATOR));
Kind wksKind = new Kind(targetSchemaAuthority, Constants.WKS_KIND, rawKind.getEntityType(), "*");
SearchQuery searchQuery = new SearchByAncestryQuery(rawRecordId, rawRecordVersion);
return new SearchRequestPayload(wksKind, searchQuery);
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