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......@@ -27,7 +27,16 @@ wks-core-test contains the step definitions and features for the Cucumber Integr
AZURE_AD_APP_RESOURCE_ID (AAD client application ID)
VENDOR (cloud provider name eg. azure, gcp)
STORAGE_URL (storage service endpoint)
HOST (Host name for the services)
LEGAL_TAG (legal tag value)
DOMAIN (domain name)
ACL_OWNERS (owner acl)
ACL_VIEWERS (viewer acl)
TENANT_NAME (tenant name)
DATA_PARTITION_ID (data partition id)
OS_TARGET_SCHEMA_KIND (Schema kind for WKS records eg. slb:oga:wellbore:1.0.0)
OS_TARGET_SCHEMA_KIND_TENANT (Schema kind for WKS records with tenant name eg. opendes:oga:wellbore:1.0.0)
### Commands to run tests
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