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      Rebase with squash. · 9516364e
      Gregory Harris authored
      Add a basic configurable remapping capability.
      Flake8 files
      Adding validation exception
      Rename mapper
      Reverse the mapping definition
      Adding support for getting data from Configuration on mapping.
      Capability to perform some complex remappings performing function and array operation.
      Moving methods into the object_manipulation module from the property mapping module.
      rename object_manipulation module to reflection_utilities
      Moving ObjectManipulationAttributeError to the exceptions module and renaming to WbdutilAttributeError.
      Exception renames
      Removing ExtensibleEntity. Switching to dictionary rather than using the extendable object.
      Add a test to illustrate a welllog remapping.
      Implement default soft mapping for wellbore.
      Removing AttributeBuilder
      Fixing test
      flake8 fixes
      Fix the example mappings
      Adding the welllog and wellbore mappings to the Configuration
      Refactor the Record class so that it simply wraps a Dict
      Bugfixes and renaming ObjectManipulation to ReflectionHelper.
      Add some tests for reflection utilities and tidy up.
      Updating the readme to cover custom data mappings.
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