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......@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@
- [Branching](#branching)
- [Merge Requests](#merge-requests)
- [Package Deployment and Installation](#package-deployment-and-installation)
- [](#setuppy)
- [Adding New Dependencies](#adding-new-dependencies)
- [Install from Repository Source](#install-from-repository-source)
- [Publish to the Package Registry](#publish-to-the-package-registry)
- [Automated Steps](#automated-steps)
......@@ -89,8 +91,15 @@ pytest
## Architecture
Can be a brief section.
Include a listing of the purposes of modules in here.
The system can be understood to be formed of a series of "layers":
- **Command Interface:** Top level code related to the CLI (e.g. `` file).
- **Command Processors:** Action the commands called from the CLI and call the service layer.
- **Service Layer:** Main business logic, including data mapping.
- **OSDU and OS Wrappers:** Connect to and call OSDU APIs as well as file reading.
- **Common:** Code used throughout all other layers (e.g. config definition, custom exceptions, utilities).
- **Test Code:** Unit tests for the code.
![Wellbore DDMS Data Loader Architecture](images/architecture-data-loader.png)
## Repository Structure
......@@ -104,9 +113,16 @@ Within the `src` folder:
- `Pipfile` file - pipfile for managing virtual environment
#### wbdutil
The `wbdutil` contains the entry point for the command line application (``), a range of supporting modules and a `commands` directory.
All supporting modules are documented using docstrings. The `commands` directory includes a file for each of the command groups available to the user. Within these files all commands are defined.
The `wbdutil` directory contains the entry point for the command line application (``) and a range of supporting modules as defined in the [Architecture](#architecture) section above. It is structured as follows:
|--- commands/
|--- common/
|--- service/
|--- wrapper/
All supporting modules within the directories defined above are documented using docstrings.
## Branching and Merge Policies
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