Commit 6eacba44 authored by Chad Leong's avatar Chad Leong
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Merge branch '25-fix-wellbore-parsing-bug' into 'main'

Fix "TypeError: Object of type WellboreRecord is not JSON serializable" bug in "list" command

Closes #25

See merge request osdu/platform/data-flow/data-loading/wellbore-ddms-las-loader!20
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......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ def wellbore(url: str,
logger.warning(f"Getting wellbore ID {wellbore_id}")
wellbore = client.get_wellbore_record(wellbore_id)
print(json.dumps(wellbore, indent=4, sort_keys=True))
print(json.dumps(wellbore.get_raw_data(), indent=4, sort_keys=True))
def welllog(url: str,
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