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......@@ -197,6 +197,14 @@ The resulting output array is mapped to the `data.Curves` field of the output OS
An example configuration file that is setup for the preship OSDU instance is given in `src/example_opendes_configuration.json`,
it also contains example custom mappings for the `osdu:wks:master-data--Wellbore:1.0.0` wellbore kind and the `osdu:wks:work-product-component--WellLog:1.1.0` welllog kind.
There are a limited number of available functions these are listed below:
| Function name | Mapping type | Purpose |
| ------------------------------------------------------ | -------------------| ----------------------------------------------------- |
| `build_wellbore_name_aliases(uwi, data_partition_id)` | `wellbore_mapping` | Constructs a name alias object from the LAS UWI and the data partition id. |
| `get_wellbore_id()` | `welllog_mapping` | Returns the wellbore id from the wellbore that corresponds to the welllog |
| `las2osdu_curve_uom_converter(unit, data_partition_id)`| `welllog_mapping` | This function converts a LAS format unit of measure to an OSDU format UoM. |
## Development
The following instructions are provided as guidance for setting up a development environment for wbdutil. For development work we use a virtual environment managed by pipenv. To execute the application and run the tests you will need to install Python 3.8+ and pipenv.
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