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Removing redundant test that were re-added by merge

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......@@ -119,20 +119,6 @@ class TestWellLogService:
assert welllog_well_name == "Well-ABC"
assert welllog_curve_ids == ["DEPT", "BWV", "DT"]
[("opendes:reference-data--UnitOfMeasure:M:", "M"), ("opendes:reference-data--UnitOfMeasure:GAPI:", "GAPI"),
("opendes:reference-data--UnitOfMeasure:US%2FF:", "US/F"),
("opendes:reference-data--UnitOfMeasure:G%2FC3:", "G/C3")])
def test_convert_osdu_unit_to_raw_unit(self, osdu_unit, expected):
# Assemble
client = Mock(spec=OsduClient)
subject = WellLogService(client)
# Act
result = subject._convert_osdu_unit_to_raw_unit(osdu_unit)
# Assert
assert result == expected
def test_download_and_construct_las(self):
logdata = {
"WellboreID": "well bore Id",
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