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Add logging to make operations clearer

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......@@ -35,10 +35,15 @@ def convert(input_path: str, config_path: str, wellbore_id: str):
config = Configuration(LocalFileLoader(), config_path)
mapper = LasToRecordMapper(las_data, config)"Mapping LAS file to wellbore and well log records.")
wellbore_record = mapper.map_to_wellbore_record()
welllog_record = mapper.map_to_well_log_record(wellbore_id)
path = Path(input_path)
writer = JsonToFile()"Writing wellbore and well log records to JSON files.")
writer.write(vars(wellbore_record), path.with_suffix('.wellbore.json'))
logger.warning(f"Wellbore record file created: {path.with_suffix('.wellbore.json')}")
writer.write(vars(welllog_record), path.with_suffix('.welllog.json'))
logger.warning(f"Well log record file created: {path.with_suffix('.welllog.json')}")
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