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## Package Deployment and Installation
The `` file at the root of this repository defines how the module is packaged. It defines the package version (which is generated automatically as defined in the [Manual Step](#manual-step) subsection below) and package dependencies.
The majority of this file should not require editing but the `install_requires` section of the main `setup` function will need updating when new package dependencies are introduced.
#### Adding New Dependencies
When new dependencies are added to the Pipfile, they will also need to be added to the `` file so that they are installed as part of the package installation. Within the `install_requires` list, add a new element of the form `"package_name==<version>"`.
More information can be found in the Python documentation [here](
### Install from Repository Source
The *wbdutil* module can be installed in edit mode on the command line by running the following command in the root folder of the repository:
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