Commit fd299e62 authored by David Diederich's avatar David Diederich
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Added some commentary and ensure that the cache directory exists

parent 149f8bcc
......@@ -17,14 +17,16 @@ include:
# We need to make sure both directories exist, then we can copy files over
# Since it is a separate volume, mv offers no advantages. tar | tar, plus rm, is the fastest execution
- mkdir -p ~/.m2/repository
- cp -R $CI_PROJECT_DIR/.m2/repository/ ~/.m2/repository/
- mkdir -p ~/.m2 $CI_PROJECT_DIR/.m2
- tar -cC $CI_PROJECT_DIR/.m2 repository | tar -xC ~/.m2
- rm -rf $CI_PROJECT_DIR/.m2/repository
# Copy the repository back to the cache area
- mkdir -p $CI_PROJECT_DIR/.m2/repository
- cp -R ~/.m2/repository/ $CI_PROJECT_DIR/.m2/repository/
- tar -cC ~/.m2 repository | tar -xC $CI_PROJECT_DIR/.m2
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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