Commit fd030158 authored by Aliaksandr Ramanovich (EPAM)'s avatar Aliaksandr Ramanovich (EPAM)
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Changes due using app.yaml from env var

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......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ osdu-gcp-deploy:
stage: deploy
needs: ["compile-and-unit-test"]
- sed -e "s|ENVIRONMENT|$OSDU_GCP_ENVIRONMENT|g" "$OSDU_GCP_BUILD_SUBDIR/src/main/appengine/app.yaml" | tee "$OSDU_GCP_DEPLOY_DIR/app.yaml"
- cp -v "${OSDU_GCP_BUILD_SUBDIR}"/target/*-spring-boot.jar "$OSDU_GCP_DEPLOY_DIR"
- echo --version="$CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA" --project="$OSDU_GCP_PROJECT" app.yaml
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