Commit f4dbf471 authored by Daniel Scholl's avatar Daniel Scholl
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Updated Azure Pipeline timeout period for pod condition=READY

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......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ azure_deploy:
# Install Service
- helm upgrade -i osdu-gitlab-$CI_PROJECT_NAME chart --set image.repository=${AZURE_REGISTRY} --set image.branch=$BRANCH --set image.tag=$TAG
- pod=$(kubectl get pod -n osdu|grep $CI_PROJECT_NAME |tail -1 |awk '{print $1}')
- status=$(kubectl wait -n osdu --for=condition=Ready pod/$pod --timeout=200s)
- status=$(kubectl wait -n osdu --for=condition=Ready pod/$pod --timeout=300s)
- if [[ "$status" != *"met"* ]]; then echo "POD didn't start correctly" ; exit 1 ; fi
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