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limit ecs update output to improve performance

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......@@ -149,7 +149,8 @@ aws-update-ecs:
needs: ['aws-containerize']
- ECS_SERVICE_NAME=$(aws ssm get-parameter --name /osdu/${RESOURCE_PREFIX}/ecs/services/${SERVICE_NAME} --query Parameter.Value --output text --region $AWS_SANDBOX_REGION)
- aws ecs update-service --cluster $AWS_CLUSTER_NAME --service $ECS_SERVICE_NAME --region $AWS_SANDBOX_REGION --force-new-deployment
#limit output to the first 50 lines...the rest is bloat
- aws ecs update-service --cluster $AWS_CLUSTER_NAME --service $ECS_SERVICE_NAME --region $AWS_SANDBOX_REGION --force-new-deployment | head -n 50
- $AWS_SKIP_DEPLOY != 'true' && $AWS == 'true'
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