Commit 79a69b2a authored by Jason's avatar Jason Committed by David Diederich
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Merge branch 'azure-copy-sis-data' into 'master'

Adding data copy for crs conversion

See merge request !151

(cherry picked from commit 889d7161)

407d2760 Adding data copy for crs conversion
d133dcff File upload changed to file share - following catalog service
parent d07877cd
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...@@ -181,6 +181,18 @@ azure_deploy: ...@@ -181,6 +181,18 @@ azure_deploy:
- az login --service-principal -u $AZURE_PRINCIPAL_ID -p $AZURE_PRINCIPAL_SECRET --tenant $AZURE_TENANT_ID - az login --service-principal -u $AZURE_PRINCIPAL_ID -p $AZURE_PRINCIPAL_SECRET --tenant $AZURE_TENANT_ID
- az aks get-credentials -g $AZURE_UNIQUE-rg -n $AZURE_UNIQUE-aks - az aks get-credentials -g $AZURE_UNIQUE-rg -n $AZURE_UNIQUE-aks
script: script:
#Update Crs Conversion Service Copy Dataset
- |
if [ -d "$search_dir" ]; then
echo "Starting to upload files for CRS Conversion Service"
accountKey=$(kubectl get secret airflow -n osdu -o jsonpath='{.data.azurestorageaccountkey}' | base64 -d)
accountName=$(kubectl get secret airflow -n osdu -o jsonpath='{.data.azurestorageaccountname}' | base64 -d)
find "$search_dir/" -type f -print0 | while read -d $'\0' file; do
az storage file upload --account-name $accountName --account-key $accountKey --share-name $SHARE_NAME --source $file
echo "File upload successfully completed for CRS Conversion Service"
- cd devops/azure - cd devops/azure
- echo "--set image.branch=$BRANCH --set image.tag=$TAG" - echo "--set image.branch=$BRANCH --set image.tag=$TAG"
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