Commit 4859de24 authored by David Diederich's avatar David Diederich
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Merge branch 'increase-spotbugs-memory' into 'master'

Increment SpotBugs Memory

Closes #23

See merge request !278
parents 62a1274d bcda57c9
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...@@ -46,9 +46,11 @@ license_scanning: ...@@ -46,9 +46,11 @@ license_scanning:
gemnasium-maven-dependency_scanning: gemnasium-maven-dependency_scanning:
stage: scan stage: scan
tags: ['osdu-large'] tags: ['osdu-medium']
image: image:
spotbugs-sast: spotbugs-sast:
stage: scan stage: scan
tags: ['osdu-large'] tags: ['osdu-large']
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