Commit 47c4298a authored by Oleksii Tsyganov (EPAM)'s avatar Oleksii Tsyganov (EPAM)
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Fix healthcheck

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......@@ -52,10 +52,6 @@ osdu-gcp-deploy:
- kubectl rollout status deployment.v1.apps/`kubectl get deployments -n $OSDU_GCP_APPLICATION_NAME -o jsonpath='{}'` -n $OSDU_GCP_APPLICATION_NAME --timeout=900s
- pod=$(kubectl get pod -n $OSDU_GCP_APPLICATION_NAME -o jsonpath='{}')
- status=$(kubectl wait -n $OSDU_GCP_APPLICATION_NAME --for=condition=Ready pod/$pod --timeout=300s)
- if [[ "$status" != *"met"* ]]; then echo "POD didn't start correctly" ; exit 1 ; fi
- status_code=$(curl -X GET --write-out '%{http_code}' --silent --output /dev/null $OSDU_GCP_APPLICATION_HEALTH_URL)
- if [[ "$status_code" -ne 200 ]] ; then echo exit 1 ; else echo health check OK! ; fi
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