Commit 1ffbec3f authored by Nicholas Karsky's avatar Nicholas Karsky
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Azure catalog

parent 72e2b516
......@@ -188,6 +188,14 @@ azure_deploy:
- cd devops/azure
- echo "--set image.branch=$BRANCH --set image.tag=$TAG"
#Update Catalog
- |
if [ ../../data/*_catalog_*.json ]; then
accountKey=$(kubectl get secret airflow -n osdu -o jsonpath='{.data.azurestorageaccountkey}' | base64 -d)
accountName=$(kubectl get secret airflow -n osdu -o jsonpath='{.data.azurestorageaccountname}' | base64 -d)
az storage file upload --account-name $accountName --account-key $accountKey --share-name $SHARE_NAME --source ../../data/*_catalog_*.json
# Install Service
- helm upgrade -i osdu-gitlab-$CI_PROJECT_NAME chart --set image.repository=${AZURE_REGISTRY} --set image.branch=$BRANCH --set image.tag=$TAG
- kubectl rollout status deployment.v1.apps/osdu-gitlab-$CI_PROJECT_NAME -n osdu --timeout=300s
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