Commit 1aa6a80f authored by Anuj Gupta's avatar Anuj Gupta
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Merge branch 'Bulk_Data_API_Impl' into 'master'

wellbore-ibm yaml changes for chunking api integration tests

See merge request !290
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......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ ibm-test:
- svctoken=$(python devops/scripts/
- cd tests/integration
- python ./ --token ${svctoken} --base_url ${SERVICE_HOST_WELLBORE} --cloud_provider ${CLOUD_PROVIDER} --acl_domain ${ACL_DOMAIN} --legal_tag ${LEGAL_TAG} --data_partition ${DATA_PARTITION_ID}
- pytest ./functional --environment="./generated/postman_environment.json" --insecure --timeout-request=15000 --filter-tag=basic
- pytest ./functional --environment="./generated/postman_environment.json" --insecure --timeout-request=15000 --filter-tag=!search
- $IBM == 'true'
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