Commit 7a5eeb42 authored by Jørgen Lind's avatar Jørgen Lind
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Implement PrefetchVolumeChunk

parent 9163830d
......@@ -1902,6 +1902,9 @@ int64_t VolumeDataAccessManagerImpl::RequestVolumeTraces(float* buffer, VolumeDa
int64_t VolumeDataAccessManagerImpl::PrefetchVolumeChunk(VolumeDataLayout const* volumeDataLayout, DimensionsND dimensionsND, int lod, int channel, int64_t chunk)
return int64_t(0);
auto layer = getLayer(volumeDataLayout, dimensionsND, lod, channel);
std::vector<VolumeDataChunk> chunks;
return m_requestProcessor.addJob(chunks, [](VolumeDataPageImpl *page, VolumeDataChunk dataChunk, Error &error) {return true;});
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