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    Fix build for Fedora 31 · ec8800d0
    Andrew K authored and Jørgen Lind's avatar Jørgen Lind committed
    - Set CMAKE_INSTALL_DIR to lib${LIBSUFFIX} for Azure Storage SDK
      * Azure Storage SDK does not use GNUInstallDir cmake include to
        set the CMAKE_INSTALL_<dir> variables resulting in invalid LIBDIR
        paths for distributions that use lib64. However, they provide a way
        to override it which is what this change uses to set the correct path
    - Add WERROR=OFF for cpprestsdk
      * Warning about deprecated-copy when building with gcc 9. Causes
        the build to fail if werror is enabled
    - Remove const from dimensionDistribution
      * uniform_real_distribution<float> call operator is not const which
        causes an error when building with gcc 9