Adding debug output to SAST jobs

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Status Name Job ID Coverage
passed backup-service

passed crs-catalog-service

passed crs-conversion-service

passed csv-parser

passed dataset

passed data-workflow

passed entitlements

passed entitlements-aws

passed entitlements-azure

passed entitlements-ibm

passed file

passed file-dms

passed indexer-service

passed ingestion-service

passed ingestion-workflow

passed legal

passed notification

passed os-automation-test-common

passed os-core-common

passed os-core-lib-aws

passed os-core-lib-azure

passed os-core-lib-gcp

passed os-core-lib-ibm

passed os-core-lib-mongodb

passed os-test-core-lib-gcp

passed partition

passed proxy-dataset-service

passed register

passed schema-service

passed search-service

passed storage

passed unit-service

passed well-delivery

passed well-planning1

passed wks