Commit e2c567c2 authored by Jørgen Lind's avatar Jørgen Lind
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Fix so there is no inconsistency when flushing metadatapages

parent 8c5136f9
......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ void MetadataManager::UploadDirtyPages(VolumeDataStoreIOManager *volumeDataStore
for(MetadataPageList::iterator it = m_dirtyPageList.begin(), next; it != m_dirtyPageList.end(); it = next)
auto page = *it;
auto &page = *it;
// We need to keep a separate 'next' iterator since we're moving the current element to another list if the write is successful
......@@ -331,7 +331,6 @@ bool VolumeDataRequestProcessor::IsCanceled(int64_t jobID)
fmt::print(stderr, "C++ cancelledand removed\n");
return true;
return false;
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