Commit 9b6c88e9 authored by Jørgen Lind's avatar Jørgen Lind
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Fix error propagation in VolumeDataPageAccessorImpl::ReadPreparedPaged

parent 0ef139f0
......@@ -273,8 +273,10 @@ bool VolumeDataPageAccessorImpl::ReadPreparedPaged(VolumeDataPage* page)
std::unique_lock<std::mutex> pageListMutexLock(m_pagesMutex, std::defer_lock);
VolumeDataPageImpl *pageImpl = static_cast<VolumeDataPageImpl *>(page);
if (!pageImpl->RequestPrepared())
return true;
return pageImpl->GetError().code == 0;
if (pageImpl->EnterSettingData())
if (!pageImpl->RequestPrepared())
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